My Favorite Links!

Distant Shores Media    Distant Shores Media is a non-profit ministry working together with believers and churches around the world to create open discipleship tools that are free of charge.

Door43    The user created content of Distant Shores media.

Bug Me Not    This is a great website to bypass all those stupid websites that make you register to read the content.

World Magazine    This is a great weekly magazine in the vein of Newsweek that has a very Christian point of view. Also very professionaly done.

Amazon    I buy quite a few books and such here.

Red Lodge Mountain Resort    This is the mountain I learned how to ski on. They have really expanded over the last few years, and I am itching to get back soon.

National Right to Life    This is probably the most influential pro-life lobby in the U.S.

National Rifle Association    I am a member of The National Rifle Association. A source of facts, not emotional swings. Liberals dislike them for this reason.

Mountain Top Retreat    A wonderful getaway for pastors and Christian workers. Located in the Gallatin mountains south of Bozeman, MT, Mountain Top Retreat is in a truly beautiful place.

Ebay    I sometimes find good deals on worthless junk here. A great place to waste time. You can also sell your worthless junk too.

Fox News    The most informative overall news website, in my opinion.

KALS Radio    The radio station I worked at for a year in Kalispell, MT.

A couple of my college friends have websites down on their farms in Iowa.

  • Beenken Family Farms   
  • NuTech Seeds   
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