More Pictures from the Flathead Valley

Bigfork from Blacktail Mountain Across Flathead Lake in the foreground is Bigfork, MT. My parents live there, and so did I for about a year. Hard to beat the scenery. This picture is taken from Blacktail Mountain, a small ski area just south of Kalispell.

Bigfork from Blacktail Mountain 2This is another view of the Bigfork, MT area, just framed by the trees on Blacktail Mountain.

Blacktail Ski LiftBlacktail Mountain is a basic, but fun ski area near Kalispell. It is pretty relaxed, nothing too difficult. Not usually as fogged in as Big Mountain, maybe Flathead Lake helps.

The Flathead ValleyThis is a view from Blacktail Mountain looking over Kalispell, then Columbia Falls into the mountains of Glacier Park.

Lake McDonaldLake McDonald in Glacier National Park. This was taken in June 2003, just before the big fires broke out there.

Lake McDonaldThe water was nice and calm at this moment, makes for a nice reflection of the mountains in the background. Glacier Park is a lot of fun to visit if one can miss the crowds.

Waterfall Under RoadIt's always fun to see a waterfall actually going under the road. You can see the bridge about halfway up which gives scale to the amount of snow melting high above.

Bird Woman FallsThis is Bird Woman Falls also in Glacier Park. Had to make a couple of trips by this spot in the car because there was no pull-out. Had to snap it quick before I became a hood ornament.

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