Minnesota and Colorado Pics!

The bridge at Jay Cooke State Park.As much as it pains me to admit it, even Minnesota has a few picturesque spots, this bridge at Jay Cooke State Park being one of them.

The falls at Jay Cooke State ParkA lot of water was coming over these falls, also located at Jay Cooke. Rust colored water is not something I am used to seeing, which that area has a lot of.

A little bit of TopographyWith the river below, these hills at Jay Cooke seemed even taller. The state park is located about a half hour from Duluth, a couple of hours north of Minneapolis.

Beaver Creek Ski Resort This is Beaver Creek Ski area, near Vail. This is the view from the condo we stayed at on our trip. Not bad, huh?

Impressive Bridge One of the days we weren't skiing in Colorado, we took a drive up a mountain road on our way south. I was impressed by this bridge structure, although there were some in the car who refused to get out and take a closer look. A lot of mumbling about "heights" if I remember right.

A 14,000 ft Colorado PeakThis 14,000 ft peak was near a hot springs we decided to take an afternoon at. The hot springs were by the side of a snowmelt stream, which was fun. Some pools were hot, others cold. Finding the right mix in a mountain stream was difficult, but worth it.

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