The Beartooth Wilderness trip of 2004

Beartooth Highway Switchback As one travels up the Beartooth Highway, this is one of the first great views. This is really where the switchbacks start that will soon take us up near 11,000 feet in elevation.

Twin Lakes Nate took a picture of these lakes in 2001, but since he got married this year and couldn't come with us, I decided that I'd retake the picture. I hope he doesn't have another lame excuse for next year.

Island Lake More snow up in the Beartooths this year than the last few. There is actually a boat launch here for those that want to put a non-motorized craft into the water. I've seen a few guys out in canoes and inflatable rafts fishing.

Pilot and Index Peaks Pilot and Index peaks in the center are unique enough that early fur traders were able to use them as kind of a guidepost for navigation. Just behind the peaks from this angle lies Cooke City.

Beartooth Lake One of the most commonly photographed features of the Beartooth Highway, Beartooth Lake and Beartooth Butte stand out as a unique combination, even for the Beartooths.

Camp That's right. 4 guys this year, and 4 tents. Seems a bit inefficient, but a poll of all of us revealed that none of us wanted to share. My Brother-in-Law Tim, came along with me for this trip. Having "new" blood to share my Beartooth experiences with is always a lot of fun.

Fox Lake Fox lake is a 4 mile hike from the Clark's Fork Trailhead. A pretty easy hike, except for an annoying climb and descent around Kersey lake at the 1.5 mile mark. I have never seen that many mosquitos in my life, as I saw this week at Fox Lake. 100% deet only lasted about 2 hours. It's supposed to last 8. My arms got tired just from trying to keep them off my face.

Index Peak from Fox Lake If one is inclined to do some wading, Fox Lake is great. Tim and I were able to walk about 50 yards out into the lake, with the water never getting deeper than our knees. From there, I was able to catch a glimpse of Index Peak, just over the ridge.

Unnamed Falls This picture is the upper part of a waterfall that was about 1/2 mile north of Fox Lake. The only real "trouble" we got into was after we left here. The perennial short-cut taker (me) decided to try another. We were able to scramble down a rocky embankment with only a minimal amount of whining from the others involved in the short-cut. Tim shall remain nameless.

Above Fox Lake This was taken from near the waterfall looking out at Fox Lake. Our campsite is down the ridge, right at the base of the lake.

Across Fox Lake to the Campsite We caught alot of fish at this location, 37 between the 4 of us. Mostly Brook Trout, but we caught a few Rainbows mixed in with them. Rumour has it there might be a Grayling or two lurking about, but we didn't catch one. Which of course has nothing to do with our fishing skills. Our camp is across the section of lake you see here.

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