These are satellite photos of some places I have camped in the Beartooth Wilderness.
To see the full size image, place the mouse on the picture and click once.

This is fish lake on the Lake Plateau portion of the Beartooth Wilderness. The arrow denotes our camp on the North end of the lake.

Our 2001 expediton destination, Albino Lake, is in the center. An arrow points to where we had our campsite. The cliff we climbed is visible on the left-hand side. The next picture zooms in on that area.

This is the infamous cliff that we decided to climb. The blue arrow denotes my route, the yellow arrow denotes Nate and Scott's route.

Sliver lake, just south of Lower Aero Lake is where Nate and I ended up in 2002. A little more rugged of a hike than we anticipated, but it was more than offset by the views and partial moose skeleton we found.

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